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It's that time of the year: FIFA is back! With this guide we want to give you an edge in the FIFA 17 online mode FIFA 17 Ultimate Team , or FUT as the experts call it.

When you start up FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time, you must immediately choose a name for your team. Then, you get a random selection. The players are represented by bronze, silver and gold cards. Learn as soon as possible to know the abilities of your players gold, because the best FIFA Ultimate Team beginning strategy is to build a team around your charts.

FUT ranks so players in gold, silver and bronze. Players with a 0-64 ranking are bronze, silver and 65-74 get the top players with 75-99 earn gold. These three categories make it easy to divide your team and find your star players. With all of the transactions that come with FUT, it is useful to see the value of a player at a glance. But remember also that when you buy a pack of a specific color, you get some players in the rankings. Save as much as possible so you coins to buy better packs. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Hack

The usefulness of chemistry (chemistry)

One of the key factors in FIFA Ultimate Team Team Spirit (team chemistry). You see colored lines drawn between your players. These are red, green or yellow and give the chemistry between the individual players again. Players with the most chemistry get a green line.Football players with fewer chemicals, but the same attributes get yellow. And red means little to no chemistry.

Chemistry is determined by the players of their nationality, the league where they play and their club. A lack of chemistry leads to miscommunication and defensive blunders.

To save time, you do not have your whole lineup to change, but you can just use the "Draft selections" to immediately find out how a given player affects the chemistry of your team.

Coins and earn coins

Now that you know your team, you go to the store in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Main Menu.At the beginning of your career FUT get 500 coins. Check in the shop the "Browse packages (Browsing Packs) menu. Open your free packs. Go through all the cards you have been given. Pay extra attention to players with high rankings and items such as kits, stadiums and managers. Cards and players you do not need, do quickly by hand with the 'Quick sales (Quick Sell) option. For players or items that you want to keep, press' Send to club "on (Send to Club).

Items come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from coaches to the ball you play. FIFA 17 will automatically detect what aspect of your team is in need of improvement and suggests on this basis what items you need to activate. As a beginner is extremely useful information.

But, let's face it: you obviously need coins. The basic equipment FIFA 17 is just not enough in online matches. To earn coins you have to win matches, tournaments and drafts. Most players earn first in the single player mode of Ultimate Team coins and then use that to bring their team to a good level. FIFA 17 Astuce Coins


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